Loose the Dead Weight – Fake-Enstein Part I

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Roman literature tells of a king so diabolical he didn’t even honor the gods.  The Romans had their pick of gods depending on the situation. That none of them suited his tastes reveals his deeply rebellious nature. Of King Mezentius it’s written that “He ruled . . . with arrogant power and savage weaponry….”[1]

Arrogant is an understatement. This man made up rules as he went along. Imagine living under the rule of a man without rules! This was a diabolical dude! He even tied corpses to people as torture, “… placing hand on hand and face against face” so killing them by a slow, “lingering death, in that wretched embrace, that ooze of disease and decomposition.” [2]

Think about the mirror image that evokes. With a corpse tied to you hand-to-hand, face-to-face, as if laying flat against a mirror, you have no mobility—none!

You’d better hope you’re lying down when they do it because you’re stuck right there in the same position as the dead guy . . . for the duration. You can’t eat. The smell probably makes getting any sleep a thing of the past. You’re left to rot along with that corpse, a mirror image of your own slow, inevitable, fate.

Fake-Enstein: Who Do You Think You Are?

In this analogy, the corpse is our past. Gone! Done! Just like the corpse, it’s dead. You can’t bring it back. It’s dead weight, pure and simple.  Our thoughts are the chains that bind us to this Body of Death. We tell ourselves over and over again, the same bitter stories from the past.  Just like being chained to a corpse, nothing short of breaking that chain of thought will free us.

Meanwhile, a glimpse in the mirror reflects the rotten corpses of our pasts. It’s all we see.  We don’t see our True Selves because we’ve taken on the rotten, stinking, pieces of other people’s dead weight.

As we internalize these wrongs, they embed themselves in our souls creating a defensive force field that repels anything destiny related. As we develop this Fake-Enstein persona, we become a pieced together conglomerate of the rotten corpses of every sorry individual that ever hurt us.

With every wrong we took on a little of the offender until we morph into complete opposites of what God made us. Then it creates a system of lies and fear to repel truth.

Just like Israel when they were turned back from the Promised Land, we’re Mose-situs blind to anything that contradicts our own reality.  We’ve gotten used to the smell of the rot we’re carrying around.  Just like the Hebrews, we’re mentally bound. We must avoid the end they met. They couldn’t see the destiny in front of them.

They preferred former bondage the Promise.   They were chained to the past they left behind. They found comfort in the smell of that bondage; they took comfort in its familiarity. They saw themselves as one with it.

We see ourselves as one with these corpses of the past. It’s all a crafty system of Fake-En-lies created when we internalize wrongs.  Nobody sees who we really are because all we’re projecting is this bogus conglomeration of stinking lies!

[1] Kline, A. S. (2002). Virgil: The Aeneid Book VIII Translation by A. S. Cline. BkVIII: 1-25 The Situation in Latium.
[2] Kline, A. S. (2002). Virgil: The Aeneid Book VIII Translation by A. S. Cline. BkVIII:454-519 Evander Proposes Assistance.

-Excerpt from Whose Apple is it Anyway! Copyright 2006 Linda F. Williams.  All Rights Reserved.

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