Destiny 2015

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Flyer 2 LandscapeDay one. Countdown begun. Amid football games and parades, you don’t get a pass on the resolutions with which you brought in the New Year. The truth is, resolve without a game plan is hot air; pure and simple. We don’t want to, once again, find ourselves staring down the end of another year with lack of progress in tow. Here are a few tips to propel your list of resolutions from “in tow” to “make it so!”

  1. Make a List: List all your New Year resolutions.
  2. Challenges to the Dream: Under each resolution, list all the things that would get in the way of making it a reality for you. This must include a serious evaluation of your mindset regarding the matter.  If it’s weight loss, for example, list all the foods you’re weak for…especially those you can’t live without!  If its a career change, list all the reasons you haven’t done it yet.
  3. Motivations:  Now, for each resolution list your motivation for wanting that change.
  4. Game Plan:  Get busy with the Game Plan! No game plan is a formula for automatic failure.  For each challenge you listed, decide RIGHT NOW what you will do not to be duped by it again.  In the weigh loss example, for instance, what new way can the goodies be prepared that will make it healthier.  If it is a career change, make a plan to do something EVERY DAY that will move you toward the goal post. You might have to evaluate your current qualifications and resolve to seek certification or education in the skills necessary to QUALIFY for a career change.
  5. Action: Implement, implement, implement.  Set reasonable goals and stay focused.  Every single day you should be accomplishing something toward the goal.

When discouraged refer to your list of motivations! Reevaluate your list of challenges and make adjustments! Remember, each day is propelling us 100 miles an hour down life’s runway. We don’t want be starring down the end of the journey with a payload of unrealized dreams in tow.


Founder and CEO of Whose Apple Empowerment Center, Linda F. Williams has a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership from Calvin College; a Masters of Social Work (Clinical/Macro) from Western Michigan University; and Graduate Certification in Substance and Alcohol Abuse. She is currently a doctoral candidate at The Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Capella University. She is also a former Professor of Human Services at a major university.


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