Decide to Live!

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What’s the difference between Domestic Violence and other types of violence such as robbery, assault, murder? The only difference is where the violence occurs. Why do we tolerate, in our homes and relationships, violence we would have reported to the authorities had it occurred by some stranger?

Separate the who from the do! It doesn’t matter WHO is robbing your of hope and joy and life. It’s wrong. So the next time you find yourself an emotional and physical mess after yet another violent episode; and wondering whether to get out and report the crime to authorities – look behind the mask.

Remove the relationship mask from the situation and you will determine that what you have is a violent abusive person–PERIOD. This is not your boyfriend, your spouse, your . . . whatever! This is an ABUSER plain and simple. This is a violent individual so out of control that you can’t count on their drawing the line between abuse and murder. You are looking at an individual who is incapable for compassion. Incapable of healthy love. Incapable of stopping the madness!

Ask yourself this question: If this person was a stranger on the street . . .

  • Would I hesitate to report this to the authorities?
  • Would I think twice about saving my life?
  • Would I allow the stranger into my house to physically and emotionally destroy my children?
  • Would I allow a stranger to put my household well-being at risk?

Decide to Live! The only time it’s too late to correct a mistake is after you’ve taken your last breath!

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TDD)

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